Michael Haslam

Preferred Partner / Managing Attorney

Michael Haslam is the owner of Haslam Law, a business dedicated to providing legal services to families and small businesses.  After graduating from law school, Michael followed in his family business by opening a hospice company and practicing law part-time.

While running the hospice he saw firsthand what inadequate or outdated planning does to a family in a time of crisis.  This was his motivation for starting Haslam Law.  In 2012, Michael sold his hospice company and created a law firm centered on developing lifelong relationships with clients.  His goal is to be a trusted advisor to his clients during all of their important decisions.

Michael’s practice focuses on estate planning, business planning, elder law, and divorce matters.  He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, where he also obtained an MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and innovation.  As a native of Northern Utah, a husband, father and small business owner, Michael understands the importance of legal issues facing his clients and strives to meet these with commitment and excellence.

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