Randee Worster


Randee Stacey Worster was born and raised in Ogden, UT.  She was a member of her school dance team and she was the first person to bring acrylic nails to the State of Utah. She has been married to the love of her life, Randy Worster, for 30 years and she has been blessed with two wonderful daughters, Stacey and Stevee.

She has worked with her mother and sister, Fay Stacey and Robin Stanzione, for 25 years with their cosmetology school called Stacey's Hands of Champions Beauty College.  They sold the business in 2009 and Randee pursued her love of photography. She is always learning, taking classes at every opportunity to stay marketable in the photograpy field that is forever changing.

WF Photography has turned into a family business consisting of mother and two daughters.  Stacey started working with her mother in 2014 and Stevee helps whenever her schedule permits.  The past three and a half years with the three of them working together has brought a new and fresh look to their work.  According to Randee, having the opportunity to work with her daughters is truly one of the highlights of her life.  The key to their success is having the courage to be open minded with each other's ideas and then bringing them to fruition.

Stacey married Mitch Fielding in May, 2014 and graduated from the University of Utah in Broadcast Journalism.  Thay have been blessed with a daughter, Dani Belle in June 2017.

Stevee Worster is on track to receive her Associates Degree at Utah State.  Her plans are to transfer to Utah Valley University and finish her studies in Sociology.

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