Our Professionals

  • Rick B. Stanzione

    Rick B. Stanzione

    CEO / President

  • Brad Maples

    Brad Maples

    Financial Advisor

  • Daniel Grimm

    Daniel Grimm

    Registered Representative

  • Robin Stanzione

    Robin Stanzione

    Vice President of Operations

  • Colin Parkin

    Colin Parkin

    Vice President of International Marketing

  • Robbie Zundel

    Robbie Zundel


  • Nathan Croxford

    Nathan Croxford


  • Michael Haslam

    Michael Haslam

    Preferred Partner / Managing Attorney

  • Courtney Neves

    Courtney Neves

    J.D., CPA

  • Kellice Cooksey

    Kellice Cooksey

    Personal and Commercial Lines Manager

  • Ginger Petersen

    Ginger Petersen


  • Joseph Wight

    Joseph Wight

    Commercial and Personal Lines Agent

  • Lynn Ames

    Lynn Ames

    IT Manager

  • Vern & Fay Stacey

    Vern & Fay Stacey

    Directors of Hospitality

  • Randee Worster

    Randee Worster