Robin Stanzione

President & CEO

   Robin Stanzione was born and raised in Ogden, UT. where she was active in school activities and church and community events. She met her future husband, Rick Stanzione, in a New York airport terminal while traveling between Utah and New York where she was earning her Master's degree. They have been married for 37 wonderful years and have three beautiful daughters and seven grandchildren.

   Robin earned her Associates degree from Weber State University, then a degree in Cosmetology.  She then moved to New York  City where she received her Masters Degree in Aesthetics. She was an integral participant in the family business for over 25 years with Beauty Salons and a Beauty College.

   In 2009,  the family beauty business was sold and she then joined her husband and partner Rick in their company the R & R Group. She currently works as Vice President of Operations and enjoys working with her husband to help grow their company together. 

 She loves traveling, painting and working with youth groups in her local church congregation and her community. She not only enjoys her association with the youth, but has had many opportunities to serve in leadership capacities and chair many special projects.

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